Through a Renter’s Lens Photography Competition

Terms and Conditions


Eligibility to enter:

  1. You must be a resident of NSW to enter this competition.
  2. Entries from landlords will not be accepted (even if you are a landlord who rents)
  3. Entries from employees of the Tenants’ Union of NSW or the Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service Network (and their immediate family members) will not be accepted.
  4. The competition closes at midnight on 25 January 2023. Late or lost entries will not be considered.

Photograph requirements:

  1. You may enter a maximum of one photograph per category. Entering more than one photograph per category will result in disqualification.
  2. You may edit your photograph however editing should maintain the integrity of the original photograph’s content and context. 
  3. Photographs must be submitted up to a maximum 8MB size. Photographs submitted in excess of 8MB will not be considered.
  4. Photographs must be submitted in in jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic or webp formats. Photographs may be converted to jpeg format for printing purposes.
  5. You may be asked to provide a higher resolution image if your photograph is selected for exhibition.
  6. Photographs will be reproduced for the exhibition to the scale of approximately 4:3 ratio. Please supply images that conform to this ratio. Images will not be cropped if they fulfil the 4:3 ratio. If your image does not conform to the 4:3 ratio, a white border may be added to achieve the ratio.
  7. You acknowledge and agree that the Tenants’ Union of NSW may publish and adapt your photograph, including but not limited to adapting the photograph for the online gallery, for any large format reproduction for exhibition, or for use on, in media (including social media) and campaigns. 


  1. Category winners, finalists and runners up will be determined by a panel of judges selected by the Tenants’ Union of NSW.
  2. The decision of the judging panel is final.
  3. The People’s Choice Award will be available for one of the entries selected for exhibition. Voting will be online, opening at 9am on  the day of the exhibition and closing at 7pm on the day of the exhibition.The entrant who receives the most online votes wins the People’s Choice award. 
  4. Total prize money won by a single entry will be a maximum of $1500. Prize money will be paid by deposit into the bank account nominated by the successful entrant.

Acknowledgement of you as creator:

  1. The Tenants’ Union of NSW will use its best endeavours to acknowledge you in competition publicity and at the exhibition as the creator of the photograph.
  2. If you use a pseudonym to submit your entry you must:
    1. include your legal name on the entry form; and
    2. not use a pseudonym that could be considered offensive.
  3. If you indicate you would like to use your pseudonym, your pseudonym will be displayed as the creator of the photograph at the exhibition and in any associated publications or media. 

Publication and reproduction

  1. By entering the competition you grant the Tenants’ Union of NSW, and all sponsors and partners of the Competition, an irrevocable worldwide licence to reproduce, publish, and communicate to the public your photograph and caption (or any part of these):
    1. in any media format, including but not limited to advertisements, posters, television/print media, websites, social media, publications and reports;
    2. for the purposes of:
      1. the Competition, including any associated event or exhibition;
      2. publicity and promotion of the competition or the exhibition; 
      3. publicity and promotion of the Tenants’ Union of NSW including Tenants’ Union of NSW and Make Renting Fair media and campaigns;
      4. any catalogue of the Competition.
  2. You further agree that the Tenants’ Union of NSW may seek further licence to use your work in printing or merchandise for sale with intention to support the charitable purposes of the organisation. If the Tenants’ Union of NSW seeks such licence you will enter into good-faith negotiation concerning further upfront payment or royalties, including taking into account any prize money already received.
  3. Any reproduction of the photograph and caption produced by the Tenants’ Union of NSW  including reproductions for the purposes of exhibition, will be the property of the Tenants’ Union of NSW.

Intellectual property:

  1. You warrant that you are the owner of all intellectual property rights in the photograph, or have obtained all necessary approvals and consents to permit the entry of the photograph into the Competition and for use of the photograph.
  2. Photography that infringes the intellectual property rights of any person will be removed from the Competition and you must return any prize money paid to you.
  3. Any identifiable person in your photograph may be asked to sign a model release as a condition for inclusion of your photograph in the competition and exhibition. Failure to provide this release may result in your photograph not being selected as a winner, finalist, runner up or people’s choice winner.

Release from liability:

  1. You release the Tenants’ Union of NSW from any claim, damage, expense, loss, cost or liability with respect to:
    1. the infringement of your moral rights and/or intellectual property rights in respect of your photograph; 
    2. the use of your photograph by the Tenants’ Union of NSW, the Make Renting Fair Campaign or sponsors of the Competition; and
    3. the competition and exhibition.

Additional terms:

  1. If the Tenants’ Union of NSW wishes to host an additional exhibition of Competition entries, or event related to the Competition, you agree to your photograph being exhibited.
  2. The Tenants’ Union of NSW may cancel or vary the Competition or these terms and conditions at any time. The Tenants’ Union of NSW will not be responsible for any loss or costs incurred by you in relation to such cancellation or variation. 
  3.  By entering the Competition, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.