Accurate and accessible materials produced on tenancy law and related matters 2015-2016

We published three issues of Tenant News. One issue focused on the ‘Big Issues’ facing renters including the impact of the Australian tax system on housing affordability, mental health and housing security, and the gentrification occurring in residential parks. A second focused on indigenous tenancy issues and was published especially for distribution at the 2015 Koori Knockout, the annual Indigenous sport festival. The third was a special issue on women renters and housing activists for International Women’s Day, including stories on women from refugee backgrounds, transgender women and homelessness plus a Q & A on domestic violence and tenancy.

We published a set of six factsheets for Aboriginal tenants:

  • When you start renting
  • Rental bond
  • Repairs
  • Avoiding problems when renting
  • If the landlord wants to end your agreement
  • The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

The website continues to be a significant source of information on all things tenancy. There were 738,013 sessions. There were an additional 2,355 sessions on our newly launched residential parks law website –

Factsheets and sample letters continue to be the most popular pages on the site. The factsheets were viewed or downloaded 808,579 times, an increase of 8 percent on 2014 – 2015.

The most popular factsheets were Landlord ends agreement, Repairs and maintenance, You want to leave, Bond, Access and privacy, Residential Tenancies Act, Ending tenancy early, Utilities, and Rent increases.

We published 10 editions of the Tenants’ Union e-bulletin which provides brief updates on tenancy trends as well as being responsive to current issues. The bulletin has 1,304 subscribers, an increase of 15 percent on 2014-2015.

The online Tenants Rights Manual had 89,644 sessions in 2015- 2016.

In February 2016 in time for Orientation Week, 12 University housing/accommodation services in NSW were sent a share housing information package containing links to and the share housing guide produced by Redfern CLC, and TU share housing brochures and posters.

In June 2016 we published the first edition of Rent Tracker, an online publication to help tenants, journalists and others understand changes in the rental market – drawing on the Rent and Sales Report, along with other publicly available data about rents.

Facebook and Twitter continue to function well as a means of engaging with tenants and other stakeholders, as well as providing an alternate voice on tenancy law and policy. Currently we have 2,247 followers on Facebook and 1,410 on Twitter. Our blog, ‘The Brown Couch’ has on average 1,000 readers a month with 11,496
unique visits over the year. We posted 92 times in 2015-16.

The ‘Clearing house’, a blog covering renewal of public housing estates has an average of 100 readers a month. We posted 30 times on the blog in 2015 – 2016.

We again partnered with the Legal Information Access Centre of the State Library to distribute resources to public libraries around the state.

Residential Parks Publications

We published five issues of Outasite Lite, our email newsletter for park residents reaching over 586 residents and residential park organisations, an increase of 67 percent on 2014-2015. Topics covered included age restrictions in land lease communities and site fee increase notices. We also highlighted the work of women residential parks advocates in the International Women’s Day edition of Tenant News.

We also published a print resource, Outasite, which focussed on explaining the new legislation covering residential parks in NSW. 10,000 of these were distributed across the state.


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