Through a Renter’s Lens – Photo Competition



Update – the competition is now closed.


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The Tenants’ Union of NSW is hosting a photo competition and we want your contribution!

Entries open on Tuesday, 13 December 2022 and close at midnight on Wednesday 25 January 2023.

We will exhibit the top entries in a one-night event in March 2023 where we are hoping to connect renters and advocates with politicians and other organisations focussed on renting justice. This competition will create new opportunities for renters’ voices to be heard, and help decision-makers see housing 'through a renter's lens.'

Who can enter:

We welcome Through a Renter’s Lens entrants who are renters, or those who’d like to rent but are unable to rent at present (boarders, lodgers, people currently experiencing homelessness, or otherwise locked out of the rental market). Land lease community residents are also welcome to enter. Entrants must currently live in NSW.

Note: while we appreciate support from landlords, we will not accept entries to this competition from people who are landlords, even if you are also a renter. 


Each Through a Renter’s Lens entrant can submit one photo per category. You may submit photos to multiple categories, but each entry must be different. 

People: Who is a person that makes your rental home home? A home isn’t just four walls, it’s the community of people that surround us. For you, home might be conveyed through your neighbour who always lends you milk in a pinch, your housemate you share a cuppa with in the evenings, your favourite worker at the local corner-store, or of course your family members or others you live with. 

Place: Home can also mean the physical environments we build and nurture around ourselves. Do you have a beautiful garden (or pot plant) you’ve nurtured to make your rental feel like home? What about an art or photo display, or flawless kitchen cabinet organising system? How about your child’s (or your) extensive collection of stuffed animals or board games? Or that gorgeous, but extremely-hard-to-move, piece of furniture you’ve had to lug around between five different rentals over the years? Show us the place you’ve created to feel at home in your rental.

Pets: Is home really home without our fur-babies? Or scaly and feathery babies for that matter? Show us your renting pet at their most aesthetic, most amusing, in their favourite place in your (let’s be real, their) home, or however else you’d like to present them. 

Image guidelines:

  • Photographs may be submitted up to a max 8MG size. 
  • Photos will be accepted in jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, webp, or tiff formats; jpg is the preferred format if possible. Exhibited works will be converted to jpg for printing.
  • Photographs should be of sufficiently high quality for printing purposes. 
  • Any editing of photographs should maintain the integrity of the original photograph’s content and context. 
  • Photographs will be printed at a 4:3 ratio if selected for exhibition. If your photo is not at a 4:3 ratio, a white border may be added around the photo to reach that ratio.

Caption guidelines:

Submit up to 200 words explaining how the photograph you’ve submitted relates to the category you have chosen (people, place or pets) and renting in NSW. These experiences could focus on your connection to your rental property as your home or how this integral part of ‘home’ for you can be made to feel unstable because you’re a renter. Your caption can be written in any style: a story, a collection of quotes, a poem, or something else.

The competition will be judged on both the artistic merit of the photography and the caption.


For each of the three categories (people, places and pets), the jury will select 1 winner, 2 finalists, and 3 runners-up. There will also be a People’s choice award winner, chosen from amongst the photographs selected for exhibition. All winners, finalists and runners-up will receive prize money, and have their photographs featured at the March 2023 exhibition. Noteworthy entries that were not chosen as winners, finalists or runners-up will be displayed on a projector screen at the event. 

  • People’s choice winner - $1,500
  • Category winners - $1,500
  • Category finalists - $300
  • Category runners-up - $150







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