Tenant databases and ‘blacklists’

The prohibition on listing a COVID-19 ‘impacted tenant’ on a tenancy database remains as an ongoing measure. This prohibition applies to all COVID-19 impacted tenants who were in breach of their tenancy agreement because they accrued rent arrears (or other charges like water) during the various stages of the Moratorium Period (15 April 2020 – 15 June 2020, 16 June 2020 – 26 March 2021 and 14 July 2021 – 11 November 2021).

Impacted tenants need to ensure that their landlord is aware that they are impacted tenants to prevent being listed on the tenancy database. If your landlord/real estate agent wants to list you on the database, they must inform you of their intention and provide you with details of the listing. If you were an impacted tenant and accrued arrears during the various Moratorium Periods, your landlord/real estate agent must not list you on the tenant databases. 

If you suspect that you have been wrongfully listed, you can take action in the Tribunal to have the listing removed. Contact your local Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Service

If you're not an 'impacted tenant', then you are not covered by these protections. If you are evicted owing more than the bond is worth, or by a Tribunal order, you may be listed on a tenant database for up to 3 years. This can have a serious impact on your ability to find a home in the future. However, you may still be able to apply to the Tribunal to have the listing removed if you can demonstrate it is unjust in the circumstances (see our Tenant Databases factsheet).


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