Templates and forms

Here are links to various templates, forms and sample letters which you might find useful in relation to COVID-19 and renting. Also see our general resources page for resources and sample letters which are not specific to COVID-19.


Template Arrears Repayment Plan

Once you have negotiated a repayment plan for any arrears accrued under your tenancy agreement, you can use this template to get your plan in writing. Insert the relevant details in the parts marked [with square brackets], replacing the bold text. Sign the agreement and give it to your landlord/agent to sign. Keep a copy for yourself. Contact your local Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service if you need further advice.



Financial Statement (NCAT)

This document can be used to demonstrate your financial position to the Tribunal by listing the income and expenses of your household:


Template agreement – End tenancy and payment plan 

If you negotiate an agreement with your landlord to end your tenancy and decide on the termination date and the quantum of any break fees and/or arrears, you should set this out in writing. You can use this template agreement:


Letter to confirm COVID-19 Safety Plan during open house/auction

This sample letter can be adapted to write to your landlord/agent to obtain an undertaking from the agent that precautionary measures are in place. For more info see renters' Guide to COVID-19: Do I need to provide access? 


Tribunal Application Form (NCAT)

If you have a dispute with your landlord and you think they may have breached your tenancy agreement, consider making your own Application to NCAT for an independent, legally binding decision.


Request a Rent Reduction Template Letter

This template letter can be adapted to your personal circumstances and used to write to your landlord/agent to request a rent reduction due to the financial impacts of COVID-19:


Initiating Rent Reduction Negotiations Template Letter (NSW Fair Trading)

This NSW Fair Trading template letter can be used help you initiate negotiations for a rent reduction with your landlord or agent.  


Rent Variation Agreement  

If you agree on a rent reduction with your landlord, it is important to ensure that this agreement is in writing. You can use either one of these template agreements to ensure your agreement for a rent reduction is in writing: