Rent, rent reduction and negotiation

Your rent payments are a fundamental part of your tenancy. Not paying your rent is a breach of your agreement and can lead to a substantial debt and even losing your home if you don't take steps to manage it.

The Evictions Moratorium protects 'impacted tenants' from eviction, but this does not mean that you can just stop paying rent, or just pay less rent. You will need to contact the landlord or the agent and let them know that you need to negotiate a rent reduction. You need to be formal and make sure your initial contact, as well as negotiations are in writing so you will have a record of what has happened.  When you reach an agreement it must also be in writing, see our template in the information below.

Many people do not have experience negotiating and this can be an intimidating prospect. The information in this section will help you prepare for negotiation to give you the best chance at an outcome that works for you.