Renters' Guide to COVID-19

The Renters' Guide to COVID-19 was developed to provide legal information about NSW tenancy situations arising as a result of the pandemic. All COVID-19 emergency measures have ended as of 13 February 2022. However, if termination and eviction proceedings commenced in the Tribunal on or before 12 February 2022 then the old COVID-19 Tenancy Protections may still apply to you.

This guide should be read alongside and in addition to the legal information and resources provided on your legal rights and obligations in our general tenancy factsheets and resources.

For advice, call your local Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Service about your options. 

If you are not in NSW, see other services around Australia.


➤  Do the old COVID-19 Tenancy Protections apply to me?

➤  What are the protections under the previous measures?

➤  Do I need to provide access?

➤  Tribunal proceedings

➤  Tenant databases or 'blacklists'

➤  Financial assistance for renters

➤  Templates and forms