Do I need to provide access?

Restrictions on people entering your home during the COVID-19 crisis have changed a number of times. We are regularly updating this Guide to keep it up to date. For the latest info, also see the page: What you can and can't do under the rules (NSW Government).


Can the landlord continue with inspections, including open homes?


From Saturday 9th May, earlier restrictions on property inspections and on-site auctions were lifted. However from June 13 the rules are that you cannot have more than 20 people visit your home at any one time (this does not include the agent because they are working). 

The Residential Tenancies Act 2010 does not expressly cover open house and on-site auctions. These bring more people than prospective purchasers, so they need the tenant's consent. Tenants should be careful about the risks of strangers entering their homes.

Also key health guidelines (see below) must still be met. We'd suggest sharing the key health guidelines with the agent or landlord to ensure appropriate measures are in place if they are requesting to bring individuals through your home.

If you are at a higher health risk let the agent or landlord know and see if you can come to an arrangement that takes adequate account of this.

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Do I have to give access for repairs?


The landlord or agent, or another person authorised by the landlord, can enter the premises without your consent to carry out or assess the need for non-urgent repairs provided they give 2 days notice each time. However, key health guidelines (see below) should still be followed and can be used to highlight concerns and negotiate different timing.

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Key health guidelines


If the landlord or agent is going to enter your home or bring individuals through your home, key health guidelines must still be met, including that agents and landlords take steps to:

  • Ensure physical distancing of greater than 1.5m is maintained;
  • Promote good hygiene on premises, including providing hand sanitiser;
  • Use digital platforms where possible to discourage physical contact;
  • Keep detailed contact records of people attending open homes;
  • Manage the number of people entering small spaces.


See also What you can and can't do under the rules (NSW Government)